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Texts & Reviews 

    +Index & Appendix (tem.) - WIP
    +Night Vision Camera (A/V performance)

    +When The Others Lick Underneath Your Tongue
    +Tenderhands - 2021 ongoing
    +Pictue a music box in front of you
    +Proposition 1: Hands

    +Anxiety Sustained As...   
    +Nissology 1: Maehwa
    +Annotated Memoir
    +Intolerance of Uncertainty    


    +The Evanescent  
        +Exorthermic Gestures
    +Wavelike (en)Counter

    +Field of Memory    
    +Tentative Figure

    +Absent Seat   




=> other projects for commercials & non-profit initiatives 

=> Old works:


+Tenderhands live performance at La Salsa Rossa, organized and curated by No Hay Banda
+Exhibition essay on Familiar Ghost - Archiving Genetic Domesticity by Marli Davis, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, Canada
The Day After, The Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (KCCDC) and D.C. Culture House, Washington D.C., USA
+A/V Performance, Night Vision Camera, at Grande Rencontre des Arts Médiatiques en Gaspésie in Quebec, Canada
+TenderhandsAcross Pieces of Sky, Trocadero Art Space, Boon Wurrung and Woi Wurrung land (Melbourne), Australia
+Proposition 1: Hands, Cool Change Contemporary, Boorloo (Perth), Australia
+Letter reflecting on Issue 147 “Gather”, C Magazine, Issue 148


+Quarantine Qapsule, Myseum of Toronto&Teabase
+Netflesh (workshop/roundtable)
+Sugar Cube (short fiction)
+Immersivity and Technological Innovations (conference)
+Navigating Connections (virtual conversation)
+Hear Us Now! (online group show)
+From Body to Body to Bodies (group show)

+Resistant Bodies: The Intersections of Self and Health (panel discussion)
+The Rednezvous With Madness Festival (group show)
+Proposition 1: Hands, Xpace Cultural Centre
+By Proxy (online group show)
+Fluxus Online (online group show)

+“A place to live”, Jip Gallery & Olympia (online group show)
+Issue 07: TILTING, Urgent issue of The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (publication)

+Across the Haze, Trocadero Art Space (group show)
+Sea You Hear, SEA Foundation Stichting (Virtual Vitrine)


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