Ivetta Sunyoung Kang is an interdisciplinary visual/video artist and writer, currently based in Montreal, Canada. Her practice is concerned with cinematic thinking, video art, video sculpture, text, and performance. She studied film directing in South Korea and has obtained her MFA in Film Production at Concordia University in Canada. She has internationally presented short films and videos at film festivals and galleries, including at Jeon-Ju International Film Festival in South Korea, Chennai International Women Film Festival in India, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery and M.A.I. in Canada, and at SomoS Art House, Berlin, Germany. In 2016, Kang was shortlisted for the Simon Blais Award in Canada. She recently published a poetry book entitled Absent Seats. Kang is a co-founding member of an artist collective, called Quite Ourselves, and an A/V duo called CCVX?. Quite Ourselves experiments with public interventionism in search of alternative spaces for artistic presentation, exhibition, and gathering. Whereas, CCVX? presents improvisatory A/V performances that are produced with found and long-archived A/V footage. The duo is composed of Ivetta Kang and Eric You.

She is recently a member of Quite Ourselves and L’imprimerie.

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