The Evanescent

2017, Single-channel video, 5”12, loop, colour, sound
Sound by Eric Dongho You. Experimental video made by live improvisatory performance

What you initially see is not what you remember.
Shapes start to vibrate.
Borders of figures begin to mingle with surroundings.
Colours lose their originality.
Your present begins to draw a perceptual frame out of what you physically experience.
You’re becoming the interior of the frame, giving it a new phenomenon.

The Evanescent was created through visual superimpositions and improvisatory performance that retransform its initial footage into the innermost imaginative one.

Installation views at IBrida*Pluri Festiv

(2017), Montreal Canada

film screenings: 
2022                   Acess Asie at Tokyo’s Image Forum Festival, curated by Fabrizio Gilardino, Japan
2020                   Studio Guerra, Milan, Italy
Dec 2019            KLEX Film, Video & Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dec 2019             La voûte #13: Machines obsolètes / Obsolete machines, GIV, Montreal, Canada
Oct-Nov 2018    Experimental Video Screening, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg, USA
Oct 2017              Multiformes by Videographe and L'Œil d'Oodaaq, Rennes, France
April 2017           IBrida*Pluri Festival, Montreal, Canada
Aug 2017             San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, California, USA