Nissology 1: Maehwa, 2019 (ongoing)

An interdisciplanary work that combines three-channel videos, narrations, sculptural found objects made of plastic, glass, thread, stone, acetate, and a body of paperworks, seperately entitled Annotated Memoir.

+ 7:20 duraton of video looping; two juxtaposed on walls and the another (a.k.a. grid video) on the ground; “S” appears and disappears constantly - six narrations of six memoirs written by me - the narrations play for three minutes in loop; resemble six times where a ship from the land is anchored at the island; each time lasts only for three minutes, and it leaves. + All objects were found on the site; recycled objects; intuitive findings. + light reflection; occurent findings; improvisation of compositions with light reflection. + rope; composed of line and blob - tie it up only using its own body and lines. 

* This work was developed as part of Research Creation Artist Residency at DAÏMÔN and is being developed in support of Mentorship Program at Videographe