Night Vision Camera 

A/V performance collab with ijo

Music/performance by ijoVisual projections/videograph by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang
Video assistant: Jeesu Chang

  Commissioned by Esther Bourdages and
Grande rencontre des arts médiatiques en Gaspésie

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Ijo (Eric Dong Ho You) and multidisciplinary artist Ivetta Sun Young Kang present Night Vision Camera , a musical film produced in the privacy of the artists' apartment in Toronto. In the darkness of their living room, the performance is composed of songs played on the synthesizer and accompanied by visuals. A projection illuminates the space and lets circulate a series of images, most of them taken from archives, which are juxtaposed, bounce inwards and outwards from the surface of the frame.

This performance invites you all in poetry to an experience of proximity.

ivetta & ijo, 2021