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A Velocity of Empathy

    Concept, directed, shot, edited and sound designed by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang

    Experimental video, 35mins, colour, sound, Improvisatory A/V superimposition performance

Sentient 2

    A collaboration film by Ashley Sabin and Ivetta Sunyoung Kang
    Edited by Ashley Sabin 
    Written and sound design by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang

Super 8mm and edited in digital, 3 m 34 sec

I had a dream.
The dream that we were going to be apart.
Waking up, realizing I am being in a different city in distance where you are in.
I can only talk about my old memories to  dreams.
Becoming a dream is an approach toward our memories.


  2016, Caculorus Film Festival, Wilmington, USA
  2016, Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, USA
  2016, Ae Film Festival by Altered Aesthetic, Minneapolis, USA   



          A collaboration video by Ivetta Kang, Matthew Wolkow, and Kevin Junghoo Park

    Experimental collective glitch video
    VHS, Lo-fi video, 5 mins, colour, sound  

Synopsis & concept
Using their own mother language highlights those gaps driven by the differences.

Eventually this video is an experiential work that you can explore the spatio and temporal cracks generated by their touches in the act of glitch on the surface of their visual materials. Insomnia is a collective video that contains different personal-archived videos taken in different times and places by three filmmakers, Matthew Wolkow, Kevin Jung-Hoo Park and Ivetta Sunyoung Kang.

Through collecting three of those different spatio temporarilities, the filmmakers deliver a mixture of aspects of non space and straying various temporal cities.

    2017, Simultan Festival, Timisoara, Romania
    2017, Salong Intennacional de La Luz,Bogota, Colombia
    2016, The Festival Les Instants Video, Marseille, France
    2016, San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, USA 

    2018, Contemporary Visual Art Zine Issue #9 “Glitch” 

Spectre of the Senses (감각의 혼)

    Directed and edited by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang
    Sound by Jin Young Chan

    Experimental lo-fi video, 7m 40 sec, colour, sound

        The one's consciousness desires to freely flow through all of its        
        aspects, based on his or her unconscious senses.
        The senses grow upon the one's personal memories, the past.


This video was part of a collaborative omnibus feature-length film called Life 14 (삶14) and screened at Indieforum Festival in South Korea.


A Summer Told (여름담담)

      Written and Directed by Ivetta Kang

       Short Fiction, HD, 35mins, colour, sound 

        The main character misses the bus for the Mountain because it got delayed, then buys the book named The Mysterious and Marvelous Folktales that See through The World to wait for the next bus.


She gradually encounters her memories through that book.
  Then her folktale begins to talk.


Scape of Windbell (풍경)

    Written, directed and edited by Ivetta Kang

    Short fiction, HD, 28 min, colour, sound

    2012, Televised on a Indie-Film TV.
    2011, Televised on a Qook TV, short film filed
    2011, Televised on a TV program called Independent Short Film by OUN-TV.
    2010, Screening at Busan Universiade for Digital contents, Fiction Competition Section.
    2010, Screening at Daegu Independent Short Film Festival, Korean Competition Section.


Flow In the Time (연착 Yeon-chak) 

    Written and directed by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang

    Short fiction, 20 mins, Super 16mm, colour, sound

    Poetic images and sounds expressing emotional poems about loss and death

    2011, Televised on a Qook TV, short film field.
    2010, Televised on a TV program called Independent Short Film by OUN-TV.
    2010, Screening on the website, Indie Plug.
    2010, Screening at the Women's International Film Festival in Chennai, World Short Section.
    2009, Screening at the Off and Free International Film Festival, Off In Focus Section.
    2009, Screening at the Daegu Independent Short Film Festival, Korean Competition Section.
    2009, Screening at the Jeonju International Film Festival, Korean Short Film Competition Section.