Online performance, instructions, somatics, ASMR indexing, anecdotal sculpture, 2022 

indexing typing by ijo and performed by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang. Commissioned by Interplay.

Cornered will be structured as a whole, one Act filled in by three scenes of Tenderhands instructions and three anecdotal indexes that function as transitions between the scenes. Each scene of Tenderhands instructions will stand as X, Y, and Z of one corner as each instruction will contemplate on one’s feelings that are “cornered”, falling into the opaque shade. As Ivetta thinks that opacity generates anxiety and fear in lives, she will story-tell you her anxious points as ASMR-like anecdotes and intimate ambience. Within the performance, Ivetta hopes to see how anecdotes counter an act of indexing and how one’s stories of severe anxiety can be translated into collective sharing through ASMR.