Anxiety Sustained As...

+ Transparent fabric, thread, found pebbles, Ipad, audio script, earphones, flashlights, graphes of climax used in literature, 2019
+ Public intervention and installation as part of Moving Trailer presented by Quite Ourselve, 2019


        Anxiety Sustained As... is a public intervention installation that presents a text “My father refused to wear a dust mask”, woven on a polyester sheet, that is frequently used at construction sites to cover torn buildings and their remnants. In the photo documentation, it was first presented in front of a construction site where a new condo is being built as part of the “greater” urban gentrification plan in Montreal, Canada. With this installation, viewers are expected to connect to the QR code shown on an Ipad on which they can listen to an audio script of a fiction movie while roaming around the actual construction site. The audio script features a father working as a construction worker in South Korea who encounters a serious earthquake at work that could tear the barebones of the structures of a building that is being built. As the agony is represented by the appearance of the earthquake, the father wonders who the real victim of the radical gentrification is. This entire setting channels the audience to the fictional realm of the script that cross-questions the latent power relationships caused by varied means of sustainability between exiled former residents, construction workers, and anonymous people who escalate urban gentrification.

 ivetta, 2020