These questions are unrelated to one another on some days yet entangled and untangled one another on the other days. They are residues of my thoughts, research and making.

1. Was our home first to come or our body first to come?
1. Why is seeking home and locating it within out body and bodily coordination so important to all of us?
1. Are you solid?
1. Why am I feeling my tongue being swollen?
1. Would my now fluent English be a good example of the growing time and that time continues on growing and growth?
1. Where does this impulsive yet perpetual loving of mine come from toward whomever I encounter?
1. Which future of my humanity do I strive for?
1. How is grief shaped? 
1. I know we all wanna be understood regardless of languages. But is it ever possible though?
1. Is it true that everything is made of x, y, and z?
1. Where does my story go?
1. Why do people want to “measure” and visualize mind by quantities?
1. 기억의 형태는 어떠할까. 현재의 이미지와의 조우는 어떻게 이루어 지는가. 우리가 들어다 보는 과거의 잔해로서의 이미지 (기억이라고 불리우는) 는 어떠한 방법과 모양으로 되돌아오고 (recollection) 다시 현실 너머로 날아가는가 (flee beyond the present) 작가가 과거와 현재라는 이름이 붙여진 시공간에 대해서 이미지의 도움을 받아 연구를 지속해오는 이유는 몇 가지가 있다. 
1. Questioning about quantity of one’s mind: Redeeming it, i sometime come to the feeling that i face the emotional urgency to embrace that there is no difference when it comes to mind. Nevertheless it sometimes seems to bring illusion to the one where others‘ minds could perhaps be measurable. Is it? Or is it not? Quantity and quality do not go along. Quantity entails the idea of commodifying one’s mind as well as quality. However the notion of mind’s quality could often refer to past memories that have built their internal relationship. In this sense, qualifying mind does neither always accompany commodity nor commercialism. Why do people want to “measure” and visualize mind by quantities?
1. Is restoration the same as going/coming back? 
1. Can we find a restoration/reparation/recuperation in the action of going (back) to home? motherland?
1. why is the particular photo taken that way?
1. what knowledge is being generated and coerced into opaque?
1. who intends the knowledge to be coaxed into our human history and who is segregated from this knowledge/information generating process?; 1. what importance do contemporary acts of reading and interpreting hold?
1. what does contemporary reading mean when it is recollected as “reindexing” words?