At Quite Ourselves,
we aim to create both physical and virtual spaces for minority artists in Montreal/Canad to promote the independence and survival of our art practices. 

Furthermore, our goal is to communicate with the local art community via the active promotion, collaboration, and exchange of artworks.

Through this, Quite Ourselves attempts to establish a bridge among a diverse array of cultures and disciplines.

Although we call ourselves "minorities," there are spaces and times that do not require the encounter with a majority to exist. Art-making can serve as mediator, a mirror to define ourselves without the Other.
This is achieved through focusing on experimental practices, pushing towards an unconcrete-ness, and deconstructing notions of completion.

"In the street we are no longer 'quite ourselves'
- instead we become 'functions of the urban landscape'.
Whereas once we were the objects of the gaze, as street haunters
we become observing entities, desexed, ungendered"

             Quoted from Flaneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London By Lauren Elkin.