By Proxy

,curated by Blair Murphy and exhibited at Arlington Art Centre, Arlington, Virginia, USA


Fluxus Online

, presented by NO HAY BANDA X  Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival

Montreal, Canada


Issue 07: TILTING

by Blackwood Gallery 
University of Toronto Mississauga
Toronto, Canada

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“A place to visit” online exhibtion in which artists are invited to share their work,
sell them and donate some cuts of the sales at relief funds at artists’ choice. 


By Jip Gallery X Olympia
New York, USA

Artist statement for “A place to visit”:

I am sitting and looking at all types of videos streamed on social media about deaths and crisis in this pandemic.

Nonetheless, I am healthy and well.

As looking at the screen, I ask myself, “am I really understanding what is going on in the world?” It is hard to say, because I cannot really feel it on my skin.

Living in a world where the resurgence of empathy never happened, I realize that I need to invent something—some newer ways that help people communicate with one another for at least a small chance of internal understanding of each other. My work speaks, “I want to see the inside of you to really feel you. And I want to be felt, too.” Those moments where people restart to look at the significance of theirs’ and others’ innermost interior are what my practice strives to unfold.