Two joint exhibitions at DC’s Culture House : Media art 'The Day After' and outdoor mural art 'Crane Dancers'

︎Radio Interview
Pirate Bloc Radio in response to the Microprize by Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada


Anti-racism and hate crimes on Cafe CKUT Part 1 & Part 2, Organized and moderated by Esther Bourdages


Artists of From Body to Body to Bodies, organized by Time Arts and Culture & Curated by Xin Yao
: In conjunction with the exhibition "From Body to Body to Bodies," Time Art and Culture presents a series of conversations with artists from the exhibition. The role of this roundtable discussion is to channel further communication between artists and the public.

Resistant Bodies: The Intersections of Self and Hea, Originally streamed: October 21, 2020Rendezvous With Madness Festival October 15-25, 2020

︎ Artist talk
By Proxy, online exhibition organized by Arlington Arts Center and curated by Blair Murph

A SEISMOLOGY OF REMINISCENCE, moderated by the curator, Esther Bourdages (Aug 2019), the 2020 edition of the Les Percéides Festival

︎ Interview
Quite Ourselves, organized by Eastern Bloc and moderated by Esther Bourdages in response to the Conseil des arts de Montréal's 2019-2020 DémART program of Ahreum Lee

︎ Podcast

Across the Haze at Three Belly Buttons Podcast, organized by Three Belly Buttons Podcast in response to the group show at Trocadero Art Space

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