27 March    Presentation of Artist Research Creation Residency, DAIMON, Gatineau QC Canada
28 Jan    Cortosperimentale, expMTL, Milan, Italy 


 A “solo exhibition” at Gallery Slide (a mobile exhibition of one slide film at a time), Montreal and New York, Canada and USA
17&18 Nov  GIFC Montreal show at L'INCONNUE
Oct-Nov      Insomnia, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg, PA, USA 
24-28 Oct   The Evanescent, MUFF Festival at the 26th at L'Embobineuse and on the 27th at Videdrome 2
Sep-Oct  The Peripheral Hours, an apartment-turned-into-gallery,  Montreal Canada
Sep         A group exhibition, Moving Trailer, organized by Quite Ourselves, Montreal Canada
Magic Lantern IV, Articule, Montreal Canada
July        Sega, VFP, organized by GIV, La Fontaine Park, Montreal Canada
July        Sega, Homecoming and Homegoing: Into Heterotopias, Gallery 2112, Montreal Canada
June       Today’s gaze at the formerly immobilized scene, Jip Gallery, New York USA
May        The Evanescent, ExP 01, Lodon UK

13 Nov-26 Nov, Solo exhibition:Body: Everything Started From His Words That the Abstract Starts From the Concrete at Indie. Arthall. Gong. 별관, Seoul South Korea
3-7 Oct, Insomnia, Simultan Festival, Timisoara, Romania
13-18 Sep, The Evanescent, 3° Edição do Dobra- Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental, Gallery Saracura, Brazil
5 Aug, 34N125E, Toronto New Wave, Toronto Canada
24-27 Aug, The Evanescent, San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, California USA
12-20 May, Sega, a group exhibition Serendipity, M.A.I. Montreal, QC, Canada
10-14 May     Sega, L'Œil d'Oodaaq, Rennes, France
16-21 May, The Evanescent, Salón Internacional de La Luz, Bogota Columbia
27-28 April, A Velocity of Empathy and The Evanescent, ibrida*pluri festival iii,  Eastern Bloc, Montreal, QC, Canada

9 Nov - 13 Nov, Sentient 2, 22nd Annual Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington USA
11 Nov - 13 Nov, Insomnia, San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, USA 
10 Nov - 13 Nov, Insomnia, The 29th Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2016, Marseille, France
5 May - 4 June, Ignition 12, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada
4 May - 9 May, Sentient 2, Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, USA
July    Sentient 2, Ae Film Festival, Baltimore, USA