Issue 07: TILTING

by Blackwood Gallery 
University of Toronto Mississauga

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A place to visit” online exhibtion in which artists are invited to share their work,
sell them and donate some cuts of the sales at relief funds at artists’ choice.

“Our location: manifold, footed in many places at once. Click into a room! No need to worry about the White Claw tipsy who is leaning way too close to that painting. On the internet, art insurance is obsolete.

The boundaries of creating (in any discipline) are being stretched wider than ever. One foot is rooted in the physical world, while the other is bounded by our screens. The work is alive, biomorphic in its language, produced by hand, saliva, time: all deemed turbulent when exchanged as of lately.

Since the pandemic began, the very act of “going” to shows (amongst all things) has changed dramatically. Experiencing art online is now the full package deal. There is a dire need for the founding properties of house galleries and DIY spaces to be used as an instrument to reconstruct the “online viewing” room.

Artist-run house galleries are multifaceted entities that function outside of art hierarchies, spark collective growth, and build intimate viewing conditions. Most of the time, visitors have to cross a threshold of sorts to enter the realm of artist-run spaces. The infrastructure is ever-changing and can be messy and open (especially in the early stages). People physically congregate to enliven these spaces with experimentation, soul, and fluidity.

When we enter a space like this, it’s an opportunity to understand exchange differently. The currency we center: love, energy exchange, empathy. Stuff that’s always in drought. Failures are celebrated, and actualizing an idea reveals new opportunity.  

Artists need to be supported, but we also acknowledge the great fiscal trauma that the entire world is going through. As a means of balancing this, we asked participating artists to donate part of their sales to a fund of their choice (if they are able), which is noted in the work information. As also noted, the price is available for all of the work that you see in the rooms. This is not meant to deter you or take away from the artist’s work. We know how opaque the art market can be, and this is our effort to create transparency around the difficult topic of money.” (extracted from “About” on Artwithjip)