{ Ivetta Sunyoung Kang - interdisciplinary artist and writer currently based in Montréal }




Concordia University, MFA, Studio Arts, Film Production, Montreal, QC Canada

Sangmyung University, BFA, Film Production, Chon-An, South Korea

Solo Exhibition

Nov 2017     Body: Everything Started From His Words, That the Abstract Starts From the Concrete,

Indie.Art.Hall.Gong, Seoul, South Korea

Selected Screenings/ Film festivals

Nov 2019      KLEX Film, Video & Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (upcoming)

Jan 2019       Cortosperimentale, expMTL, Milan, Italy

Oct 2018       The Evanescent, MUFF  at the 26th at L'Embobineuse and the 27th at Videdrome 2, Marseille, France 

July 2018      VFP, La Fontaine Park, organized by GIV, Montreal, QC Canada 

May 2018     Exp 01, London, United Kingdom

Oct 2017       Simultan Festival, Timisoara, Romania

Aug 2017      Toronto New Wave Festival, Toronto, ON Canada

Aug 2017      Vitheque, Videographe, Montreal QC Canada

Sep 2017       3° Edição do Dobra- Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental, Brazil

Aug 2017       San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, California, USA

May 2017      Salón Internacional de La Luz, Bogotá, Colombia

May 2016     Ae Film Festival by Altered Aesthetic, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

May 2016     Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, USA

Sep 2016       Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, USA

Aug 2016      San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, USA

Nov 2016      The Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille, France

May 2015      India Forum, as a part of Life 13, Seoul, South Korea

2012               Televised on Indie-Film TV, South Korea

2011                Televised on Qook Tv, Short Film Section, South Korea

2011               Televised on Independent Short Film by OUN-TV, South Korea

Nov 2010      Busan Universiade for Digital Contents, Busan, South Korea

Aug 2010      Daegu Independent Short Film Festival, Daegu, South Korea

2011               Televised on Qook TV,  Short Film Section, South Korea

Dec 2010      Chennai International Women Film Festival, World Short Section, Chennai, India

May 2009    Off and Free International Film Festival, Off In Focus Section, Seoul, South Korea

Aug 2009     Daegu Independent Short Film Festival, Korean Competition, Daegu, South Korea

April 2009   Jeonju International Film Festival, Korean Short Film Competition, Jeonju, South Korea

Group Exhibitions/Installations

Sep 2019        Moving Trailer 3, Quite Ourselves, QC Canada (upcoming)

Aug 2019        Grande rencontre des arts médiatiques en Gaspésie, Perce, QC Canada (upcoming)

June 2019      Orphaned Memories, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin Germany (upcoming)

Nov 2018       Got It Fot Cheap Montreal show at L'INCONNUE, Montreal, Canada 

Oct-Nov 2018    Experimental Video Screening, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg, PA, USA 

Sep 2018       The Peripheral Hours, Montreal, QC Canada

Sep 2018       Moving Trailer, Quite Ourselves, Montreal, QC Canada

July 2018      Homecoming, Homegoing: Into Heterotopias, Gallery 2112, Montreal, QC Canada 

June 2018     Connections, Jip Gallery, New York City, NY USA

May 2017      Sérendipité, M.A.I. Montreal, QC Canada

Oct 2017       Multiformes by Videographe and L'Œil d'Oodaaq, Rennes, France

Oct 2017       Moving Trailer, Quite Ourselves, Montreal, QC Canada

April 2017     LemoArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany

April 2017     IBrida*Pluri Festival, Montreal, QC Canada

April 2016     Ignition 12, at Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal, QC Canada

May 2016      FOFA Gallery, Montreal, QC Canada


2019        Absent Seats, a collection of poetry written by Kang in conjuction with music by Needle & Gem


Special Projects

Dec 2018       A “Solo Exhibition”, Gallery Slide (a mobile exhibition of one slide film at a time), Montreal, QC Canada  

Aug 2018       Magic Lantern, Articule, Montreal, QC Canada 

Sep 2017        Music videos for GEUMEUM

Jan 2017        Music essays for Needle & Gem (Pigeon’s Home & 34N125E), released by Magic Strawberry Sound


2018          AE.80371 as CCVX? 

                   15 Sep 2018, First performance at Moving Trailer by Quite Ourselves, Montreal, QC Canada  

2017          Exothermic Gestures as CCVX?
                    Feb 2017, First performance at the artists’ home, Montreal, QC Canada

                    April 2017,Second performance at the artists’ home, Montreal, QC Canada

Artist Residency / Mentorship

April-June 2019    Artist Residency, SomoS Art House Berlin, Germany (ongoing)
March 2019            Research Creation Residency, DAÏMÔN, Gatineau, QC Canada 
October 2018         Mentorship Program, selected and supported by Videographe, Montreal, QC Canada (-Sep 2019)

Sep 2018                 Submerge Artist Residency, Ayatana Artists’ Research, Ottawa and Gatineau, ON & QC Canada   

Artist Talks

2019      Ottawa University, Introduction to Photography. Professor, AM Dumouchel
2019      Nissology 1: Maehwa, DAÏMÔN, Gatineau, QC Canada  

2017       Concordia University, The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema: Expanded Cinema. Professor, Richard Kerr

2016       Cucalorus Film Festival: Film Screening GV

2015       Concordia University, The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema: FilmMaking II. Professor, Roy Cross

2015       Concordia University, The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema:FilmMaking III. Professor, Jean-Claude Bustros
2009       JeonJu International Film Festival: Film Screening GV

Award / Grant

2019      2019 International Artist Residency Support Grant by Art Council Korea

2018      2018 International Artist Residency Support Grant by Art Council Korea

2016      Shortlisted at the 2016 Sylvie and Simon Blais Award in Montreal, QC Canada

2013      Awarded at 2013 Graduate Scholar-Fall Winner

                Selected as a member at the Golden Key International Honor Society

2013      Awarded atConcordia International Student Tuition Fee Remission Award

2013      Awarded at Concordia Graduate Mobility Award

2012      Awarded at Concordia Partial Tuition Fee Scholarship for International Students

2010     Awarded at Sangmyung The Best Artists Contest in the year

2009     Awarded at Sangmyung Literature Contest in Poetry section

2009    Awarded at Sangmyung University Tuition Fee Remission Award  

2008     Awarded at Sangmyung Literature Contest in Poetry section

2008     Awarded at Sangmyung University High Achievements Award

2005     Awarded at Sangmyung University Partial Tuition Fee Scholarship

Professional Experiences

June 2017~                Founded Quite Ourselves, an artist collective based in Montreal, QC Canada

Sep 2016~                 Organized CCVX?, a duo collective of A/V performers (Ivetta Kang and Eric You)

June-Sep 2017          Working assistant for filmmaking on found footage for Richard Kerr

2012-2013                 Teaching Assistant at Concordia University, Montreal, QC Canada 

                                       - 2012: FilmMaking III

                                       - 2013: FilmMaking II

April - July 2013        Director Assistant of Hong, Sang Soo’s Hill of Freedom, South Korea



Interview featured on WomenCinemakers Biennale 2018, Berlin, Germany 

Magic Lantern IV (a photo publication), Magic Lantern, Montreal, QC Canada

, Contemporary Visual Art Zine Issue #9 Glitch

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Sega, Serendipity, Videographe. Online


Ignition 12, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery. Online Press

Faculty of Fine Art Annual Graduating Students Exhibition, FOFA. Online brochure


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Naver Movie Press (published in South Korea): Introducing the Selected FIlms of the 10th Jeonju International Film Festival. online

JeonJu Press (published in South Korea): Short Films of the 10th Jeonju International Film Festival. online

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